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Low Voltage Sensing And Control Solutions

Product Image KippCool Experimenter's Edition

KippCool Experimenter's Edition

$ 4,999.00

Compact, portable, low voltage cooling is hard. So for the last several years, the kippkitts team has developed a number of simple solutions that bring cooling to your projects in the form of almost 3000 BTUs per hour of cooling power. This kit uses a super high efficiency 12v or 24v brushless DC compressor originally developed for a DARPA contract after the first Gulf War. We are happy to make this technology available for civilian use!

Product Specs (Specs are for 24v system. All units are fully charged and tested):

  • Compressor: r134a, 24v Brushless DC, approx. 2700 BTU/Hr @ 10Fº ∆T
  • Condenser Fan: 24v Brushless DC, 172x150x51mm, 241 CFM, 18W
  • Primary Pump: 24v Brushless DC, Centrifugal pump, 10 l/m, 6.5 meter max, 20.5W
  • Power Supply: 24v, 13A Switching Power Supply
  • Controller: Arduino + KippCool Shield
  • Case Material: Aluminium


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