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Low Voltage Sensing And Control Solutions


kippkitts, LLC is a manufacturer focused on "Making Things That Matter."  Our products make it easier for you to turn your ideas into a reality.

We start with cool new technologies that are hard to find, hard to understand, or hard to use and turn them into intuitive, functional building blocks for your next project or product. We like to think of them as electronic or mechanical stem cells that can be turned into whatever you need. They’re ideal as foundations for building electromechanical, heating, cooling, robotic, or medical systems and so much more.

kippkitts, LLC was founded in 2009 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island by Kipp Bradford, a biomedical engineer and serial entrepreneur who helped start the modern "Maker" movement.  

Meet Our Team

Kipp Bradford, Founder & President

Kipp has been making stuff since childhood and is taking his best works and sharing them as open source kits.  He has assembled a team of fantastic engineers with sometimes decades of experience to bring you the very best solutions to your kit needs.

Harry Johnson, Electrical Engineer

Harry is an electronics prodigy, but will never admit it in public! He works on product development and is faster than Eagle auto router! He is an Electrical Engineering student at Stanford University, where he is the electrical team lead of the Stanford Solar Car project. In his sparse free time he enjoys collecting and honing skills including cooking, rock climbing, and basic wilderness medicine.


Ramya Mahalingam, Mechanical Engineer

Ramya Mahalingam is a concept designer with a focus on future technology implementation. She is a design and engineering whiz that figured out all our internal communication and social networking needs.  As a product of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, she has a cross-functional background in design and engineering. She'd love to talk to you about the internet of things, the future of service design, wearable technology, or anything else you'd like to talk to her about!  Ramya's full collection of online works and bio can be found here.

Veton Saliu, Biomedical Engineer


Veton Saliu is our code programming and circuit board testing guru! He is a Brown alum who will be pursuing a Master’s degree in electrical engineering at Columbia University.  In addition to kippkitts, he works at the Brown Institute for Brain Science developing a video game based rehabilitation platform for young cerebral palsy patients.  Some of Veton’s interests include robotics, computer programming, photography, sports, gardening, and travel.