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Product Image Sensor Mote Air Quality w/ XBee ZB Pro SMT

Sensor Mote Air Quality w/ XBee ZB Pro SMT

$ 184.00

Data Sensing Lab Sensor Mote Shield (for your Internet of Things)

All orders include a free power supply and pre-programmed Arduino Leonardo!

This Air Quality Sensor Mote comes with an XBee ZB Pro ZigBee radio built in. The mote features the following sensors (links to datasheets): 







Air Quality

Open Source Hardware: Go to our Github page for code, documentation, etc.

Sensor readings are transmitted wirelessly via the surface-mounted XBee ZB Pro SMT ZigBee radio. These radios are configured for "API Mode" communication on a ZigBee mesh network. The maximum transmission distance for the radio is 2 miles (outdoors, line of sight). Buildings or other obstacles and radio interference will limit transmission distance.

To use this product, you will need an XBee ZB radio configured as a "coordinator" to establish the network. The ZigBee radio will automatically join any XBee ZB network with a properly configured coordinator. We recommend any of the following products to set up your network (sold separately):

Digi's excellent XCTU software is a valuable tool for configuring XBee radios. It can be downloaded from Digi XCTU.
If you are just getting started with Digi XBee ZigBee radio networks, one of the best guides to setting up and using your ZigBee products is Rob Faludi's excellent book Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

Please contact us at "support AT kippkitts DOT com" with any questions.
Designed and manufactured in Rhode Island, USA.

In-stock orders are shipped via Fedex, typically within three business to five days. For delivery dates of pre-order products please email support@kippkitts.com.